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Terms & Policies Charter or use of Fishing boats or Rental Properties. And the terms for use of our 'Fish1' web pages,
WWW.FISH!:COM do everything in our power for you to have a great time on your -sea/ fishing trip, but we do have some rules.  Some are general rules for your safety and others protect our boat, equipment and crews.  Our charters operate under our complete terms and conditions of your charter.  The following is a brief review of that agreement.
· The Charter operates under the authority of the Captain/Owner.  The Captain/owner has the authority to terminate the Charter in the event of unacceptable conduct by the Charter party.
· The boat is licensed to accept up to (put number in charter) people in your party plus the crew.  Their are no exceptions to this  Please do not ask the crew to violate the law.
· No illegal substances or firearms are permitted on board.  Discovery of the presence and/or use of illegal substances and/or firearms will immediately terminate the Charter without refund and the vessel will return to port.
· When you reserve a charter date, it is your Charter date if the Captain/Owner agrees that the date is fishable.  It is your responsibility to arrange your party unless otherwise agreed in writing.
· If you request that the owner, Captain or crew assist in finding additional members for your Charter Party, there are no guarantees or responsibilities associated with that assistance.   You should be aware that in the event that the Captain/owner finds additional party members on short notice, they are likely not to pay their full share of the Charter.  You are responsible for the balance of the agreed Charter price.
· A cancellation called by the Captain /owner due to weather or mechanical problems will create a deposit credited toward another Charter date.  A trip terminated by the Captain/owner due to weather once fishing has commenced will not be entitled to a credit or refund if the Charter party agreed to leave the dock.  A trip terminated due to member(s) of the Charter party getting seasick will not be entitled to a refund or credit.  A trip canceled in advance by the Charter party will create a credit of the paid deposit to a charter trip on another date as determined by the charter party and the captain.
· The Charter includes proper use of properly insured and outfitted boat, the Captain/owner and all tackle, bait and ice for the type and length of the Charter trip contracted.
· The Charter does not include food, beverages , or misuse of the boat or equipment.
· The Charter party is responsible for loss of or damage to equipment belonging to the boat that must be replaced in kind or by paying for replacement(s) as determined by the owner or Captain.  The Charter party is also responsible for damage to the boat.  Paying careful attention to directions from the crew will minimize chance of loss or damage to the boat and equipment and/or injury to a member of our crew or your Charter party.  The crew will provide a familiarization tour prior to leaving the dock.  Charter party members are NOT permitted in the cabin if they are seasick.  Fresh air is far better than lying down in an enclosed space.  If a member of your party has a tendency to get seasick, discuss this matter with the Captain/owner prior to your reserved Charter date.  
· Members of your party are never permitted under rules to use the engine ,or be on the bow or side decks while at sea, or to use any of the boat's radios or electronic equipment.
· The crew is always willing to teach members of the Charter party how to rig tackle and baits as well as to explain why we do things that we do.  All you have to do is ask.
· There are NO guarantees concerning how many or what types of fish that you and your party will catch.  We do commit that the equipment is is proper repair and that our crew will do everything in its power to give you and your party a wonderful -sea ocean fishing experience.  The sport is called "Fishing" and not "Catching".  There are days when we catch more fish than other days and there are many conditions that govern catching success.  Not in the least of those conditions are the abilities of the anglers in your party.  Listening and following suggestions and directions from the crew will increase the likelihood of catching fish especially after hookup.  It is possible that your charter date might not produce many keeper fish.  
· The owner, and our insurance company prohibit liquor and any beverages in glass bottles on boat the boat.  The Captain/owner reserves the right to limit the amount of beer brought on board.  In the event that members of your Charter party become intoxicated to the point that the crew determines that they create a hazard to themselves or others, the Charter will be immediately terminated without refund and the boat will return to port.
· Please place your food in the refrigerator or cooler as directed by the crew.  Your beverages will be placed in the drink cooler on board.  You will be asked to put your coolers back in your vehicle after loading your supplies on the boat in order to keep the cockpit free of obstacles.
· The balance of your Charter price over and above your deposit is due and payable, at the latest, on the dock prior to leaving on your trip.
· No trash, garbage or other materials are to be thrown overboard into the ocean water- including cigarette butts.
· The crew will review emergency procedures on the boat prior to leaving the dock.
· The crew expects you to be on time for your trip.
· The Captain or owner will call you prior to your trip to discuss recent catches, sea conditions, weather, etc.
· Smoking is not permitted in the fishing cockpit.  Smoking is not permitted on the bridge, in the cabin or on the steps to the bridge.  Burn marks on our teak or elsewhere are your responsibility.
· Children are welcome aboard and we enjoy teaching children what we do and the pleasures of fishing.  Children under the age of 12 are required by Coast Guard regulations to wear personal flotation devices, life jackets, when not in the boat's cabin.  You may bring a suitable life jacket for your child as long as it is Coast Guard approved. Will do everything in our power to make sure you have a great home for your Fishing holiday. (hereafter referred to as “This Site”) (hereafter referred to as “Fish1 ”)
Legal jurisdiction
Terms and conditions are governed by Spanish law and users and advertisers on “This Site” accept the exclusive jurisdiction of Spanish courts in the city of Figueres.
A condition of using “This Site” is agreement not to use “This Site” for any illegal purpose, or purpose prohibited by these terms and conditions, or by other applicable laws and regulations.
Terms and conditions of use "This site"
1. Personal use
“This Site” can only be used to view or make enquiries to owners regarding holiday rental properties and Charter fishing boats. Holiday makers are not charged access, and “This Site” can only be used to contact our advertisers regarding the suitability of their properties or boats for a fishing-holiday rental. Use of “This Site” for any purpose other than research and booking of a fishing holiday rental property is strictly prohibited. When sending an enquiry through “This Site” your email address will be saved in our database and we will send you at least one email per year for commercial purposes. You can always unsubscribe from this service and your email will be deleted from our database.
2. Accuracy of property and boat owner information
“Fish1 cannot guarantee the accuracy of prices, photos or other information available on “This Site”. Accurate property description, or charter boat prices, bookings and photos are the sole responsibility of the property boat owner or agent. “Fish 1” has not confirmed the price, or accuracy of each advertisement and boat owner, so holidaymakers are advised to make their own investigation into the authenticity of any information offered. “Fish 1” is not liable for errors, inaccuracies, misleading photographs, prices, or claims, made in the information supplied by the owner, or agent, on “This Site”.
3. Liability
Use of “This Site” indicates that you agree to release “Fish1” from any loss or damage in connection with fraud, any breach of terms and conditions, or any other legal obligation by you and your use of “This Site”. “Fish1” cannot be held responsible for any losses or damages you may experience using “This Site”. Therefore, “Fish1” is not obliged to offer any refund or compensation for losses you may have suffered from renting a property from an advertiser on “This Site”.
4. Copyright
Content and software on “This Site” is copyright protected. Other than personal use, content may not be otherwise used or copied without the prior written approval of “Fish1” or the individual or organization posting information on “This Site”.
Terms and conditions for advertisers on "FISH1"
5. Copyright
The advertiser guarantees that he owns the copyright in the photographic and textual material supplied to “Fish1” (the material), or is authorized by the owner of the copyright to grant “Fish1” permission to use the material. The advertiser grants “Fish1” a perpetual, royalty-free licence to use the material for promotional purposes. The advertiser unconditionally indemnifies “Fish1” immediately on demand against any cost, loss, or liability (including legal representation costs) which “Fish1” may incur by any breach of copyright from use of the material. The advertiser understands that photographic or textual material from any part of “This Site” may not be reproduced without permission from the copyright owner.
6. Design and layout
“Fish1” cannot be held responsible for any loss, or damage, resulting from the design of layouts, or changes made to the photographs and text submitted by the advertiser. “Fish1” reserves the right to set the final design layout of an advert on “This Site”, including the right to edit text, or amend layouts or photographs. “Fish1” also reserves the right to amend and edit text data entered on the online advertiser database.
7. Liability
If an advertiser is victim of fraud, “Fish1” cannot become liable to the advertiser. “Fish1” does not guarantee that the operation of “This Site” will be uninterrupted or error free. “Fish1” cannot be held liable to the advertiser for any fraudulent, consequential, or indirect damages, including lost profits, however caused, on any theory of liability, including but not limited to, product liability .The advertiser is responsible for any loss a renter may experience if the advertiser’s email account is hacked or maliciously manipulated in any way. The advertiser accepts the obligation to refund the renter the full amount lost, or to offer a matching rental home with matching rental conditions.
8. Multiple properties or Boat Charters
A property advertisement on “This Site” belongs to one holiday or boat unit, not multiple units, nor should be represented as an example of properties in a region. Only one unit should be represented in an advertisement unless prior permission has been given. “Fish1” reserves the right to amend any property adverts not in accordance with this policy.
9. Termination of an advert
If “Fish1” receives complaints from users about a specific advertisement misrepresenting a property, boat,or its surroundings, or if “Fish1 repeatedly receive complaints about an owner, then we reserve the right to remove the advertisement and disable the account without notice, and retain payment. If an advertiser attempts to enter unsuitable material into the database, or repeatedly misuses the on-line system, “Fish1” reserves the right to reject any advertisement and will not be liable for any expense caused. Advertisers can remove their advert from “This Site” before the end of their subscription period, and this will be done as soon as formal notice is received from the subscriber by email, quoting their owner ID or home number and password. Unfortunately, no refunds can be given.
10. Contact
To maintain a constantly high level of service “This Site”, requires all advertisers to be available to respond to enquiries by telephone or email. If advertisers are unavailable for a period of more than one week, we ask them to leave an answer phone message to that effect, or leave an out of office response on their email account. If neither of these options is possible, we ask advertisers to contact us so we can temporarily suspend their advert. We reserve the right to suspend adverts of owners who are unavailable for more than one week. We will send messages by telephone and email asking the advertiser to request re-activation upon their return. Please note that we offer an SMS text service to bring enquiries to owners' attention when they cannot access their email.
11. External links
Links from an advertisement to any website or email address other than “Fish1 are only accepted if a link is sent back to “Fish1” from your website or blog or similar. If an advertiser adds a link or email address without consent, re-adds a link or email address after removal or removes reciprocated links from their advert on “This Site”, we reserve the right to cancel their advertisement without refund.
12. Payment policy
On a first advert 12 weeks is at no charge at the end of the said 12 weeks Payment must be made on the same day that a new property is registered on “This Site”. Online payment by credit or debit card is processed by Pay Pal When paying by credit card your data is transmitted over a fully encrypted SSL secure line. If an advertiser cannot pay by card, then bank transfer is accepted, however this is usually a more expensive and slower method. Payment information is always to be found within your account under the link “Payment”. Notice will be sent when your advertisement is due for renewal.
13. Refund policy
“Fish1” provides an advertising service rather than a physical product. No trial periods are offered, nor do we offer a refund or compensation for adverts which are expired or unexpired.
14. Modifications to pricing and conditions
“Fish1” reserves the right to change the rates and conditions without notice. Changes to rates will be applicable immediately for new advertisers and following renewal for existing clients. Please contact us if you wish to list multiple properties.
15. Documentation
“Fish1” require all owners to supply proof of ownership of their property in form of a title deed, utility bill or similar.
16. Legalise your Spanish rental business
In some regions the Spanish authorities require by law that you obtain a licence to rent out your property legally. If your property is located in one of these regions “Fish1” can only advertise your property if you present a valid licence number for your property.
Fishing Licences can be obtained via "Fish1" if required,