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On this web page You Can find all types of charter boats suitable for fishing, diving or Holiday charters.. From small, agile boats for local fishing or diving -- to larger boats for deep sea fishing. Local Weather Reports and nearby web cams, are included with every advertisement. Fish1

Search world map to find the best fishing or diving Charters in each area - World Wide.-- Each Boat offers something a little Different to each angler or diver.

Book A Charter Boat directly from the Owner.
Owners live locally , and will advise you in all Types of fishing or diving available in their area, also the best time of the year, to catch available species.

Charter boat owners

Can easily add a listing to the world directory, useing their Mobile phones or Computer to add their contact Information , Photographs , fishing information etc. - -local Weather, a Planning map, and nearby webcams will automatically be shown on your listing.

Small Boat Rentals World

Hire small boats, around the world for your Pleasure or your Fishing Parties. Each Advertisement has fully detailed information for your Boat -- Availability Calendar/ Size and recommended people capacity/safety equipment supplied and Wether or not a local Licence is required (normally dependant on motor Horse power.) /Detailed Photographs of the boat and accommodation.Fish1

Full contact details of the owner/owners are attached –Who will supply you with Prices, Deposit required, and all local Knowledge. To make your hire boat A pleasurable and Safe Holiday venture.